MyStreamBox – New Smart TV Box powered by Android

MyStreamBox is a new Smart TV Box that is powered by Android (Jelly Bean).


It comes fully preconfigured with 500+ free channels, about 20 free adult channels and free streaming of movies. It plugs directly into the HD port of your existing High Definition TV and connects via WIFI for easy setup

The box is very small, and has wireless, so it doesn’t need a lot of cords. It has both HDMI and regular AV output. It plays or streams in full HD without lag. All you need is an internet connection.





MYSTREAM Box Features:

All new aluminum housing & low-noise for cooling.
Android 4.2.2 Supports Google browser.
Supports 1080p Full HD video.
Control with smartphone app
Live email alerts on screen
Browse the internet
500+ free channels
20 free adult channels
XBMC preloaded

There will not be any subscription for the box or the available channels and should save around $100-$200 monthly in subscription fees

The box itself cost $249.99 with free shipping and can be ordered HERE from official dealer site

From first impressions this may very well become a major hit since it can replace expensive stream boxes and home cable tv boxes and thier channel subscriptions.


The company: MyStreamBox is located in Newport Beach, in the southern part of the LA area. The company is newly started, but expected to grow fast.