NVIDIA Shield TV: Best android set-top box ?

4K video and game streaming in same box. Meet the NVIDIA Shield TV

NVIDIA Shield TV seems to be the best buy right now if you want 4k video, game streaming and all the wonders of an android TV box.

The shield is a pretty little box that can be placed beneath your TV and still look good.



It features NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 chipset, which runs an octet of 64-bit processor cores (quad-core) propped up by a 256-core Maxwell GPU. Its houses 3GB of ram, gigabit LAN connection, HDCP 2.2 support for 4K video up to 60 fps, USB 3.0 compatible ports and lots more goodies. 1 Shield game controller is included, but the dedicated remote control is around $40 extra which might come as a surprise to some.

Performance is better than most streaming boxes. Netflix, BBC player and XBMC runs FAST on this little beauty

The Shield TV is also compliant with all the new and necessary codecs needed for 4K video now and in the future – whether that be in H.264, H.265 or VP9.


The box also support Nvidia’s “new” cloud gaming called GeForce now (formerly known as Nvidia Grid).

Games streams in up to 1080P60 which is new standards in the cloud streaming industry. Future will tell if the success will be better than Onlive had.

But the tree does not grow into heaven yet. In order for streaming games stored on a remote PC, you’ll need Nvidia graphics card, so no luck to all the AMD graphic card users out there, then you might be better off with the upcoming steam box that should start shipping later this year or start of next year.

Users are also reporting issues with DTS-Master and Dolby ATMOS audio which should be supported out of the box. Apparently these issues are still being worked at and might be fixed via firmware updates later this year.

If you can live without the superior audio formats and own an Nvidia graphics cards in your PC, this box might just be what you have been looking.