Apple Considering to buy Hulu

Apple buy huluAccording to reports Apple is considering to bid for the Hulu video on demand streaming service

Back in June, Hulu announced that it had hired Guggenheim Partners and Morgan Stanley to help with a possible sale of the company and rumors had it that Yahoo! and Microsoft was interested in making a bid.

Rumors has it that Apple joins a long list of possible suitors for the video on demand streaming video service.
Apple has more than 76 billion dollars in cash and is currently the world’s 2. most valuable company

This would be huge step for the video on demand streaming entertainment market since it would give Netflix a serious competitor. You would have Hulu’s huge catalog and partnerships and Apple’s devices, muscles and current partnerships as well.

Should an acquisition happen, Apple could use Hulu video on demand service to create a subscription screaming offering in an effort to compete with services like Netflix.

Hulu, which offers a premium Hulu Plus subscription for only $7.99 / month, said that it expects to surpass 1 million subscribers before end of August 2011.