Logitech drops Google TV box “Revue”

Logitech Revue $99
Logitech will stop selling its Google TV box Revue after supplies are out. The move leaves current Revue owners wondering whether they’ll be receiving the promised upgrade to Google TV version 2.

Released in October 2010 at $299, the Revue was an immediate failure, with customers complaining of bugs and insufficient media-streaming posibilities leaving most to return their devices for refunds.

Then In July, Logitech slashed the Revue’s price to only $99, claiming to accelerate “adoption of the Google TV platform by removing price as a barrier to broad consumer acceptance.”

Although the Logitech Revue’s update to Google TV v2 was supposed to follow the Sony TV’s by several weeks, it’s now uncertain whether Logitech will follow through with an official Revue update, given its plans to kill the product.

If Logitech fails to deliver the promised v2 update, the Revue hacker community will probably step up to the task and try to create a v2 update.