20th Century Fox launching movie downloads to Android in October

Fox movies on android20th Century Fox has announced that it’s bringing movie downloads to Android platform in October
and will allow legal viewing of movies like “X-Men: First Class” on Android devices.

X-Men: First Class will be the first movie available for viewing on to Android devices.

It won’t as simple as downloading or streaming movies on your phone via WiFi or 3G,
You’ll have to buy a physical Blue-Ray copy of “X-Men:First Class”.
Then you can download a digital Android-compatible copy to a computer and then side-load it onto your device. Not quite that easy but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

The new download service won’t be available until the new X-Men movie hits stores this fall.

Still a long way from competing with iTunes but this is only the first step of many for video on demand services for Android phones.