Samsung today unleashed it’s new HomeSync android media HDTV box.

HomeSync android media HDTV box from Samsung

The new unveiled media box from Samsung puts Android movies, TV shows, photos and games on your big screen TV, and it will also let you stream home movies and photos from a Galaxy smartphone.

samsung Somesync media box Android

It’s a 1tb HDTV media box that will allow up to 8 devices to sync media files for playback.

HomeSync hub will stream movies, TV-shows, and games. Samsung also promises that the new system will also handle Galaxy smartphones, giving galaxy owners the option to show their home movies or pictures onto their big screen TV’s.

The new android media box is a full Jelly Bean android device, it’s powered by a 1.7GHz dual core CPU with 1GB RAM and 1tb hard drive
NFC (Near field communication) will also be supported for for easy sync. Just place your selected NFC gear near Homesync and it will automatically setup a sync connection.

Access to the Google Play store is confirmed and while there is still no details on the interface, it should be similar in usability to android standard UI

HomeSync goes head to head with Apple TV (3), which is currently a very popular choice if you are searching for a media box for your big screen TV to stream movies, TV shows and photos.

Samsung’s HomeSync media box will be available from April in selected countries and a global roll out will follow in coming months

Price is not yet published. but is expected to be within same price range as Apple TV